Welcome to

West Main

Church of Christ

1701 West Main St.
Medford, OR 97530
Sunday Morning
Worship: 9:30 AM
Bible Study (all ages):
11:15 AM
Wednesday Evening
Bible Study: 6:30 PM
 We believe that God is the greatest author of all time. As such, He has written and is still writing the greatest story ever told! We invite you to come find your place in this epic story with the family at West Main Church of Christ. We believe the kingdom of God is here, and we are living in it as a community of believers seeking to love the world around us.  We pray that our church will be a place where you can experience God’s healing power to transform lives, and build lasting community with others.
Whether you grew up attending church services or are just beginning to think about God for the first time or after a long time, we invite you to continue exploring this website and then consider visiting with us. We invite you and your family to come as you are and join us our Sunday morning worship assembly.
Office Hours: Mon-Thurs 9AM-4PM, closed 12-1 PM
Telephone: (541) 772-9640 Fax: (541) 772-1018