DorisandLorraineDoris Sutherlin and Lorraine Ball work as a team to keep our office at West Main running smoothly. You are very likely to hear one of their cheerful voices on the phone when you call our main number and be greeted by their smiling faces when you ring the bell.    Doris grew up attending church at West Main and put on Christ at the age of fifteen. She has a daughter and son along with her grandchildren who live locally. Doris has worked at West Main since 1990. She enjoys being available to help our church members. She enjoys getting to know people better by seeing them outside of our worship services.
Lorraine was raised in the Church of Christ in Southern California. She was also baptized when she was fifteen. Lorraine met her husband, Don, in Southern California and they have been married fifty-two years. They have two grown children. She and her husband moved to the Rogue Valley in 1970 and began attending West Main. She is pleased to have raised her children at West Main and now she is able to see her grandchildren attending. Lorraine has enjoyed her work in the office at West Main since 1980. She enjoys working with the ministers, elders, and Doris, and serving our church family.    If you need help in reaching one of our members or are looking for information about any of our events or services, please don’t hesitate to call Doris and Lorraine at 541-772-9640.