As a church, we believe that our identity can NOT stay within our walls.  We are called OUT.  Everyday we are called on a mission, to impact the world through the love of Jesus Christ. Missions, ministry, and outreach are our passions. They are an extension of who we are.  Deep inside of us, our greatest desire is to see redemption in the people and places all around us. Regardless of your official job title in this world, we believe that we are ALL missionaries. Therefore, we see the entire world  – from our neighborhood, workplaces, schools, and foreign countries – as opportunities for the Kingdom of God to foster grace, peace and hope so that the world can be what it longs to be – the dwelling place of Jesus our King. Here are some of the ways that we see this manifesting. If you would like more information about any of these efforts, please contact us.  
Community School Supplies and Clothing Giveaway
Each August, on the second or third Saturday, we gather volunteers to give away free school supplies and backpacks to the families in our neighborhood. This is accompanied by a clothing giveaway and hotdog lunch. There are no restrictions or qualifications one must meet to participate.
We see this as an opportunity to show God’s love freely to our community. As the giveaway nears, we distribute flyers and signs to alert the neighborhood. School supplies, backpacks, clothing and lunch are provided on a first-come, first-served basis until everything is gone.
Organizer, September Flock, says, “Having worked for a time at an elementary school near the church, I could see first-hand that these expenses were burdensome to families. I was very involved in the daily lives of these kids and they often recognize me each year when they come to pick up their supplies.
As an educator, I enjoy picking out the supplies for elementary, middle and high school aged kids. I feel good about providing the correct supplies that will meet their needs at school.” If you would like to support this ministry financially or help out with the giveaway, please call the church office. 
Ladies’ Retreat

Each Autumn, we gather together as the women of the congregation to encourage one another, take spiritual inventory for ourselves, strengthen our bonds in the Lord and welcome newer members. The retreat always begins on a Friday and ends on a Sunday and is held at a location within driving distance. Each retreat includes good meals together, a speaker/learning opportunity, free time to relax on Saturday and a closing worship time on Sunday. There is a fee to attend the retreat, but in order to keep finances from becoming an obstacle, scholarship funds are available.

For more information contact the office at West Main.
Mexico Mission Trip
Each year, during Spring Break, we take a group of teens and adults down to San Felipe, Mexico, with the specific intention of loving our neighbors. We build homes, work on community projects, witness and worship for a week. For more information, contact Russ Gann.
Vacation Bible School

VBS at West Main is a week of mornings filled with learning about scriptures and Jesus, in a fun-filled, child-friendly atmosphere. In addition to age-appropriate classes, memory verses and songs, children enjoy themed crafts, snacks and games all week. Children who have completed kindergarten through sixth grade are welcome. 

It is our mission to get to know the families in our neighborhood and to offer their children an opportunity to learn God’s word. Our children always enjoy extra time to fellowship with one another and grow in faith together.  
We encourage the children to bring a Bible to VBS each day. Some of the children we invite don’t have one of their own. Organizer, Denise Beeks, recalls one special day when one little girl recalled that the only Bible she had was a miniature one that someone had given her instead of Halloween candy. She went home and searched until she found it. Denise says, “She was so thrilled the next day when she came to class because she had searched and found it! What a blessing to see her diligence to find God’s word! May we all be so diligent and thrilled with the gift of God’s word!”