Our congregation began in 1950 when some active members around the valley desired to band together in an expanded effort to meet the needs of all people, especially in the instruction of our young. Our church was organized with elders and deacons, and was served in preaching by a faithful evangelist. We soon constructed the present building on West Main, which has been expanded and remodeled multiple times as the congregation grew and needs increased.

Our congregation is especially known in the valley as a family centered congregation; for its friendliness, benevolence, and focus on children.  The congregation is firmly committed to building the church through the giftedness of its members. A pulpit minister and youth minister also contribute richly to the proclamation of the Scriptures among adults and youths at this time. The intent in preaching, worship and life is to be Christ-centered, Bible believing and passionate in our service. Being a peaceful fellowship, united in a common love for Jesus and dedicated to one another in service and affection impact the core of what we do and who we are.