Gerry Flock has been an elder at West Main since 2003. Gerry, along with his wife, September have three grown sons: Shayne, Tyler and Thaddeaus. They are looking forward to being grandparents. Gerry enjoys fishing, camping with family and singing.
Gerry grew up in the Church of Christ and was baptized at the age of fourteen, after a convicting experience at a Winter Youth Retreat. Gerry brings a family heritage to the eldership as he follows in the footsteps of his father, Ellwood Flock. Gerry also brings a particular love of singing and leading our congregation in song. He believes there is no greater calling than to be a servant to the Lord’s Church and he is grateful to offer his God-given abilities in this way.

Lance Lake has been an elder at West Main since June of 2009. Lance has been married to Betty since 1970. They have four grown children: Matthew, Nathan, Laura and Jason, and twelve grandchildren: Cain, Aspen, Quinn, Christian, Elannia, Nicholas, Jonathan, Lilly, Juleanna, Catie, Sierra and Levi. When he isn’t busy being a dad and grandpa, Lance enjoys reading, gardening and fishing. 

Lance and Betty came to Christ together, as adults, when they saw how a family very close to them coped with the death of their infant child. They were able to give glory to God, even amid such difficult circumstances. Lance knew that he and Betty wanted what that family had. For Lance, encouraging others is the most meaningful part of his eldership. 

Bud Rennels has been an elder at West Main since 2014. Bud married his wife, Melanie on June 20, 1987. They are the parents of four grown sons; Rylan, Jed, Blain and Gabe. They also have one granddaughter, Brynlee, and a grandson Brayden.  In his free time, Bud enjoys camping, hunting, traveling, playing softball and spending time with his family. 

Bud was raised in the Church of Christ and was baptized at the age of twelve at the Park Street congregation. Bud loves spending time with young people and has often served as a counselor and lifeguard at our annual church camp. He also helps lead the church on their annual mission trip to Mexico.