Scripture Website SidebarWe believe that as a family, we should spend time together, learning, serving and growing. Therefore, we meet every Sunday and most Wednesdays to refocus on our purpose on life, as followers of Christ, and to study and further our relationship with Him.  We want these times to be where you can come and experience God.  
At West Main, we believe that you do not just “go” to worship, but you “experience” it and “participate” in it. Our time together in worship every Sunday is an integral part of family life.  When you join us, you’ll experience a friendly and inspirational atmosphere where everyone is welcome.  We invite everyone to come as you are.  During worship, we’ll praise God in song (acappella), pray, take communion, share scripture, and listen to a relevant message from God’s word.  An attended nursery and children’s worship programs are provided, but children are also welcome in our worship service.
Sunday morning worship: 9:30 am
Sunday morning classes for children and adults: 11:15 am
Wednesday evening classes for children and adults: 6:30 pm